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Elderly Waist Support Belt Inflatable Decompression Spine Waist Health Care Shaping Fitness Waist Protection Belt

Elderly Waist Support Belt Inflatable Decompression Spine Waist Health Care Shaping Fitness Waist Protection Belt

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Product information:

Inflation method: manual inflation
Product size: 113 * 19.5cm extension strap (22 * 11cm)
Under pressure: 0.17mpa
Duration: After inflation, it can normally last for more than 24 hours without air leakage
Product Material: PU (Plastic Polyoxoacidic Rubber)
Inflation frequency: about 20-25 times by hand, fully charged
Suitable waist circumference: 2 feet to 3.6 feet (67cm-110cm)

Product features:
1. Vertical traction: In the past, traction was often done by lying flat. Generally, after traction, the patient must stand and walk home, and the newly opened intervertebral space will return to the later compressed state under the heavy pressure of the human body. The effect is greatly discounted. Vertical traction overcomes various drawbacks of previous traction, and can be used for walking, sitting, and standing;
2. Continuous traction and support: Continuous traction and support (even for tens of hours) consolidate the traction effect, allowing the damaged lumbar spine to rest fully (patients clearly feel no pressure on the lumbar spine during use). Compared with previous traction, the treatment effect is more obvious and the cycle is shorter;
3. Strong traction force: The air expansion force is strong, and 25 air expansion columns are evenly distributed around the waist, stretching at multiple points simultaneously to ensure that the intervertebral space is opened, resulting in good results;
4. Dual effect of treating and protecting the waist: While traction treatment, the continuously supported waist belt reduces the pressure on the lumbar spine (the lower the pressure on the lumbar spine, the less likely it is to suffer from lumbar spondylosis). The wide belt body can prevent unfavorable movements of the lumbar spine such as forward leaning, lateral tilting, and flashback, which is beneficial for the recovery of the normal physiological line (curve) of the lumbar spine and plays a role in preventing lumbar spondylosis;
5. Equipped with 2 magnets at the waist for medical magnetic therapy.

Packaging List:
1x belt, 1x extension strap, 1x pump, 1x storage bag, 1x manual, 1x color box

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